Pediatric Nursing & Maternal Child Health Services

Foothills Visiting Nurse & Home Care, Inc. provides maternal child health (MCH) and pediatric (PEDI) nursing services to women, infants, and children in the geographic area covered by our agency. Nursing services are provided by RNs with education and experience in the care of mothers, infants and children.

After the birth of your child, your insurance company may authorize several home health nursing visits.  A specially trained pediatric nurse can continue the teaching you received in the hospital for infant care, including feeding, skin care and bathing, when to call the pediatrician, sibling adjustment to the new arrival, and child safety in the home.  The nurse may be able to make recommendations for additional community resources available to the new family, if needed.

Foothills VNA pediatric nurse can administer Synagis in the home to babies who are determined by their pediatrician to be at risk for respiratory diseases.  This is given over a 5 month period from November – March one time a month.

Consent for services and treatments provided to and for minor children must be authorized and signed by the designated legal parent/caregiver.

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